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Want your kids to eat more vegetables/fresh foods? Try this one kitchen tool...

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

It seems every generation is determined to raise its kids "better" than the one before. When it comes to eating healthy, we've all seen the statistics that scare us into thinking that this newest generation is the first where parents could outlive their kids. The benefits of healthy eating are not news to anyone at this point, but the question remains:

how do we actually get our kids to eat better than we did as kids (and potentially than we do as adults)?

There are plenty of methods, suggestions, and advice out there on how to best do this but when it comes down to id, they boil down to this: practice what you preach. Psychologist Alfred Bandura coined the term "modeling" and his Social Learning Theory seems to hold up when it comes to eating behaviors that are picked up by kids.

The one kitchen tool that can help your kids participate safely in the kitchen is a helping stool like this one.

While taking cooking classes may still be on your 'to do' list that started pre-kids, have no fear! You don't have to be an expert chef or dietitian to model what it looks like to prepare your own meals. Simply start by including your kids in the kitchen or food prep area when you're making, baking, cooking, unwrapping, and/or placing food for consumption. The earlier in the process kids can be involved, the better. Involvement at first (think early ages) doesn't even have to be major. Inviting kids into your family's culture of food as much as possible can raise their interest in trying food once it is set in front of them on the table.

It's not a guarantee that you'll never have a picky eater, but the more familiar they are with what is going on their plates, the more likely they are to try putting it in their mouths. Let them participate as much as is safe. Let them make a mess and taste along the way.


What's been your experience with a kitchen helper stool? Any other creative ways people have found gets their kids interested in trying fruits/veggies/fresh foods?

Are you struggling to figure out how to feed yourself and your kids better? Let's chat!


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