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Pregnancy is such an exciting and terrifying season! It can also be incredibly de-stablizing even for the most seasoned intuitive eaters and those secure in their body image prior to pregnancy. The emphasis on weight (gain or loss) in pregnancy and all the micronutrient mathematic gymnastics can be overwhelming - especially if you are also managing any other chronic condition like PCOS, diabetes, Celiac, IBS, etc.


Working with me, we'll discuss which guidelines to pay attention to for you, what your nutrient needs may be (as they no doubt differ) and how to best support your body with supplements targeted to your needs/health history. We'll also unpack how to treat our bodies with dignity and respect even as they are constantly changing.  

What does this look like?

  • Learn to understand and trust your body's hunger/full/need to rest signals

  • Learn how to make your own meal plans that suite your unique needs/values

  • Improve blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and other clinical biomarkers

  • Improve digestive symptoms

  • Improve sleep

  • Learn what to look for in prenatal vitamins/supplements to support your body based on your health history

  • Increase movement in ways you enjoy

  • Learn to practice peace with your ever changing body in various seasons of life

How to book

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