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Plus Size Models

Whether you are a parent biologically or emotionally, you are a powerful role model in your family. Your kids look to you for an example of how to manage relationships with food and their bodies.


And yet, this is a season where our own relationships with food and our bodies are in flux: between managing PCOS, IBS, ongoing fertility challenges, postpartum body changes and/or menopause, there is no mathematical formula to achieve optimal body positivity or permanent state of health. 

There is, however, a way to cultivate a relationship with your body that is based in dignity and respect for all the ways it interacts with this dynamic world and is resilient enough to have brought you here. now. 

Working with me, you will build a new framework for your relationship to food and your body so that you can value both without being bound by either. You can show your kids what it looks like to spend less time worrying about your health and more time enjoying it.

What does this look like?

  • Learn to understand and trust your body's hunger/full/need to rest signals

  • Feed your children with confidence

  • Enjoy the dinner table meals as a family again

  • Learn how to make your own meal plans that suite your family's unique needs/values

  • Improve blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and other clinical biomarkers of importance to your health journey

  • Improve digestive symptoms

  • Improve sleep

  • Increase movement in ways you enjoy

  • Give yourself permission to step away from the scale

  • Cultivate compassion for your body during the 6mos-2yrs that is the realistic postpartum recovery timeframe

How to book

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