Sharyn Saftler MPH, RDN, CD



  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology w/ Minor in Chemistry

  • Master of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University

  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian

  • Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise


  • Naturopathic clinic: dietary analysis, medical assistant

  • Corporate Wellness Coordinator and Onsite Health Coach with WebMD Health Services

  • Arivale Coach: integrative nutrition, clinical lab, nutrigenomics and behavior change science

  • Motivational Interviewing Mentor

  • Scientific Wellness Content Writer: Arivale Blog, various online publications (see my blog for latest printed quotes)

  • Group Nutrition Education Classes: Seattle, WA (2013-2015), Costa Mesa, CA (2012), Kumbo, Cameroon (2011)

WHo I am

I'm a daughter, sister (4 siblings), wife, mom of two small children, book club enthusiast, and am powered by coffee, HIIT workouts, music, and (mostly)plants.

I have had the privilege of traveling a large bit of Europe, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Morocco, Malta, and Japan (so far) as well as much of the U.S.

I now get to call the Pacific Northwest home.

Let's Talk.

Redmond, WA 98052

Tel: 253-260-4250

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