Living Is Simple is a nutrition therapy practice empowering women to value their bodies and food without being bound by either.



Hi. I’m Sharyn and I’m a

Registered Dietitian and Food and Body Therapist.


Imagine a world where women were released from the time and energy spent judging their bodies and food choices.

What kind of world could we create?

  I believe we could create a world where we spend less time worrying about our health and more time enjoying it.



One on one

Video or phone sessions with Sharyn to transform your relationship with food and your body

*may be covered by your insurance


Will be offered as the demand allows. Sign up to be a part of the next Meal Planning Made Simple Workshop (time, location and price TBD)

Wellness writing and Content

Want a Registered Dietitian's take on your wellness topic? I will write for your wellness blog or publication on various topics of women's health from positive psychology concepts, self care and behavior change to nutrition tips for prenatal, preconception and raising young kids, mindfulness, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, and much more!

Speaking and presentations

Want me to speak at your corporate wellness event or mom's group meeting? Send me an email and let me know what topics you are interested in.


Let's Talk.

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